Discover Young Talent

Discover Young Talent – This is a contest held to discover talent from your school and give the due recognition to the talented children. Brite Camp with the given contest would like to discover talent in your school and showcase to the outside world by giving them the due recognition.

The contest is being conducted across the given Categories:


        CATEGORIES          AGE GROUP                             TOPIC

  • Category I   -     Age group till age 3.5             -            My favorite Fruit 
  • Category II  -     Age group 3.5 – 4.5 years     -            Mountain and River
  • Category III -     Age group 4.5 – 6 years        -            Festivals of India

Why a School should participate?

  •      Take this opportunity to discover children who are good in art and showcase it to the outside world.
  •      Free publicity and marketing of your school on Brite Camp website and by the parents in their circle.
  •      There isn’t any cost attached to participate.

What the School need to do:

  • ·        The school need to confirm by filling the given form.
  • ·        We will get back to you with the desired details in 24 hours.
  • ·        Ensure maximum participation from the parents and children.

What the student or parent have to do?

The parent need to make sure that the child depending on the category draws the given topic on a sheet of paper (at least an A4 size paper)and colors the same using crayons. The same is labeled with Name, School &Date of Birth in right hand bottom below. Please allow the child to work on their imaginations of shape, size and color.

Once the art work is done, please take a picture of the same and post it on under the contest section.

As a next important step, the parent need to go ahead and ensure that the same is circulated/promoted on various social media so that the child’s artwork is appreciated by maximum likes.


  •  School to confirm participation by February 18th,2017 by filling the form.
  •  Registration is open for the children till March5th, 2017 midnight
  •  Voting Lines (Likes) are open till March 15th,2017 midnight
  •  Results: By March 31st, 2017

{ Final Results will be of 75% weightage to votes (Likes) and25% weightage to jury evaluation }

How it Works?

Across all the given 3 categories, there will be a winner and a runner-up.

Atleast 25 students to participate in each category from your school to ensure that there is fair competition in all categories. Schoolto ensure maximum participation from the parents and children across categories.

Jury & Evaluation:

Jury: A panel of art experts would be evaluating the art work. The Jury’s evaluation will be final.

Evaluation: 75% weightage will be given to the votes (Likes) received for the art work; 25% will be given to Jury evaluation.Parents and Teachers ensure that the child’s art work is discovered and recognized by sharing the same with the world at large by sharing on social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp etc and appreciate the child’s artwork.

Cost for Participating:

There isn’t any cost for neither the school nor the students to participate in the contest.

What’s there in store for the winners?

1.      The winners will get a Certificate.

2.      Brite Camp will announce the results on the website along with school name and photographs. The same will be published on Social Media as well.

3.      By the mid of the year, we will get in touch with the winners for a city or state level contest.