Do It Yourself ("DIY") Videos

Here are videos on how you can create amazing Art and Craft. Note that you will be able to educate others by creating videos of how you have created your Craft. Once our technical team approves it, then we will go ahead and put it on our youtube channel, we don't stop there...we will ensure that

  • You are given the due recognition by publishing your name, school and photograph on the video;
  • Giving you Brite Camp Points (400 BCRP)
  • Promoting your video on social media like Facebook, Twitter

Welcome to the world of Brite Camp DIY, stay creative and let  the world see your amazing skills. 

                                                                        Christmas Light - DIY

                                                    Christmas Night Lamp - DIY

                                                                                    Gift Bag - DIY

                                                                Glitter Ball - DIY

                                                                        Night Cloud Lights - DIY